About GPS

Global Protective Services, Inc. (GPS) has more than 12 years of experience providing manned security and electronic surveillance services to its clients. Our management team has more than 70 years of collective experience in law enforcement and security. Our operating philosophy is to provide each client with a comprehensive security framework that anticipates disruptive events, prevents them to the greatest extent possible, and implements an appropriate response to each event. Our recruitment practices, training regimen, supervision and management practices ensure that we establish, check, maintain, and improve our security systems to enhance prevention (through preparedness), provide effective mitigation (through response and continuity) and implement a quick and orderly recovery from a crisis or disruptive event.

GPS maintains a standing strength of 250 security guards. In addition, GPS maintains an industry leading database of qualified security personnel that gives GPS the surge capacity needed to meet any client requirements. This reserve capacity provides a constant supply of trained security guards, including off-duty certified law enforcement personnel. Because of the sensitivity of our work, all of our personnel are vetted extensively and are highly trained in a variety of tactics and subject matter. Training includes all state mandated training courses for armed and unarmed security officers.

For most of its history, GPS has been the leading provider of armed and unarmed security guard services, security consulting, and electronic monitoring services to national and local motion picture production companies working in the State of Georgia. GPS has provided security personnel for over 40 motion picture and television series productions in the State of Georgia since 2001. GPS has been designated a “Preferred Vendor” by Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc. In each engagement, GPS has been responsible for maintaining the safety of hundreds of people (including a number of high visibility subjects) and maintaining the security of equipment and supplies worth millions dollars.